Painting is my first creative love and for as long as I can remember, making art is what I’ve always wanted to do.  Of all the roads I’ve turned down, I’ve continually found myself returning to the one that leads to art. Along the way, I’ve discovered that when I’m engaged creatively, I feel my most energised, inspired and alive.  There is a deep connection between my happiness and if I’m making art or not.  I’ve also learned that when we commit to doing what we love, anything really is possible.

My paintings are vibrant and expressive.  I have a love for using bright, bold colour to help create a strong visual impression.  My process is intuitive, making marks and building up layers of colour as I try to embrace simply playing with my canvas and paint.  Elements from nature often emerge as I explore my interest in how these relate symbolically to our own human experience or journeys.  I’m deeply interested in the creative process, the balance that creativity can bring to our lives and in how a work of art can make a person feel.  My hope is always that my own work might bring someone a sense of joy and possibility.

As well as painting, I enjoy working with mixed media, and I have a newfound fascination with printmaking that I’m exploring with the relief printmaking technique of woodcut.  I’m currently undertaking my Honours Diploma of Art and Creativity at the Learning Connexion.  I work from my Upper Hutt home studio where I can be found creating amongst the delightful chaos of life with my two beautiful little girls.

Thank you for stopping in on my journey.

Erin x